The Need for Approval

by | Jun 24, 2010 | Overcoming Challenges, Self Esteem | 67 comments

I am still amazed at how powerful a force the NEED FOR APPROVAL is in many of our lives. That need for approval is often at the heart of many a panic attacks and fuels a huge percentage of obsessive-compulsive disorders that I see in my practice.

So powerful is that need that we allow our lives to be ruled by those who would control and manipulate us for their own gain.

So powerful is that need that Conforming personalities will do all they can to do what they believe others expect of them in hopes of gaining that approval and acceptance.

So powerful is that need that peacekeepers will numb themselves to their own needs to avoid conflict and disapproval.

So powerful is that need that perfectionists will work themselves to the bone trying to demonstrate their worth and value.

The need for approval is almost epidemic. We all need to take a hard look at ourselves and realize how powerful this force is in our lives and then, through counseling, learn to take control of this need so we can feel more IN CONTROL OF OUR LIVES.


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