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Loved to Death: Chapter 12 Larry’s Confession

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Later that evening I received a disturbing call from Meagan’s Uncle Larry that left me feeling both frustrated and angered.

“ Coach, Larry here. Wanted you to know that Meagan seems to be doing well. She came back from her session with her counselor with a slight smile on her face.  Almost looked like the old Meagan ! Ann noticed it also, so we are very hopeful ! Lucius called and  asked how his dear daughter was doing. I expected him to fight her staying here but he seems to have accepted it. Don’t worry, I did not tell Meagan he called and I did not allow him to pester her.  He seemed surprised that she was enjoying her new counselor and…”

“ Larry, hold on ! You told Lucius that Meagan had a new counselor ? Why would you do that ? We discussed that the first therapist was a set-up by Lucius. I am sorry, but I think placing Meagan with you and Ann was a huge mistake. You just do not fathom your brother’s evilness !”

“ Slow down Coach, I know Lucius is bad news  at times, but he has a heart. He is my brother and I know him better that you. I can handle this, not to worry !”

I backed down because, honestly, I was angry and frustrated. I did not have another safer place for Meagan at this moment. I am still hoping to convince her to come to Ohio ! 

“ Larry, I am sorry, don’t mean to offend. But I think the whole family is naive or fearful of believing that Lucius is as wicked as he is. Do you think Meagan was making up this stuff about her father hovering over her and trying to have sex with her ?  Do you really not believe from all you know of Lucius that he is capable of such things, or is it that you do not want to deal with the truth and you wish for all of this to go away ? Lucius has no heart ! Remember, she was raped on Campus and he refused to take her to check her out for any damage, disease or pregnancy. He paid off the guard to not report the rape. He called her damaged goods and that she would not be wanted by anyone else. Does that show you that he has a heart ?”

“ Jesus, God, let up on me, {his voice is quivering now}. Maybe you are right, and just thinking you are makes me feel sick to my stomach. Could I be that naive and stupid ? I always admired Lucius for his business successes, but especially his confidence with the ladies. He has had many a younger woman do his bidding, and I am…yes, jealous of his sex life. Geez, I can’t believe I just said that ! I mean, I would never touch Meagan. But I always told myself that his daughter was special to him, and he would never harm her.”

I know I need to let-up on Larry. For one thing, he is my only option now. I am still hoping I can have her move to  Ohio where we can keep her safe, but then again, she is overwhelmed and although we seem to have built a good and safe professional relationship, how can she trust anyone to protect her at this point, and yet she is not strong enough on her own.

“Larry, this is what you wanted to believe. Your whole family has failed Meagan by turning a blind eye to the reality of this man’s personality. I say he is a sociopath, incapable of love. How much do you know about your brother’s sex life or his successes with women ? And I am going to take a shot at this and ask, what is your sex life with your wife like ? ”

I knew it was somewhat inappropriate to defer to his sex life, but I needed a measure of his own sexual frustrations to see how vulnerable he might be to Lucius’s mental games.  Little did I truly expect Larry to emotionally erupt with what he did, to be honest with me on these issues. But he was and it was very troubling for me to hear as I was entrusting Meagan to his care and protection. My intent was  not to offer counseling to Larry, but protect Meagan. But I could feel his pain nonetheless.

“ Coach, { he was openly tearful at this point} what sex life ? Ann has put on weight so she is not feeling comfortable with her body so sex is almost non-existent. And it was never fulfilling anyway. I have been jealous of Lucius since we were kids. He could perform, you know do sex with any girl when we were in high school. I had no confidence and could not get an erection except in my dreams and I was the older brother. I have said too  much. But, damn it,  for my graduation from High School my father  hired a prostitute for me and Lucius to share while he watched.”

That point alone explained so much. Lucius and Larry’s father hired a prostitute as a gift for Larry’s graduation. What kind of parent would do that ?

“ So how did that go Larry ?”

“ There she was, butt naked and I could not do anything, so Lucius laughed at me and said he would show me how it is done by a real man. When he was done with her, and he really did a job on her, my father was so angry with me that he told Lucius …..he made Lucius sodomize me …you know, anal sex. It hurt so bad that I cried and screamed which just brought on more criticism from my father. I  hated them for doing that but was jealous and it really hurt that my dad saw  Lucius as a hero and me as weak.”

“Larry, you have been holding on to that for all these years. “

“ Yes Coach, I guess I have.  I know Lucius has a bad side but I never wanted to see him as evil because in some ways I wanted to be like him. Sounds very sick when I say it out loud. I wanted to be admired by my dad, and Lucius. I wanted to be successful like them. Never got it from dad. Guess I am still trying with Lucius.”

“ Larry,  Lucius is not a happy man. He has taken steps to destroy his own daughter and he has no conscience. You, on the other hand, have a conscience. You don’t always listen to it, but you have it within you to do so. You should be in therapy Larry ! You need support to get through your issues and to deal with your relationship.” 

“ Can’t I just talk with you Coach ?”

“ No, Larry, I will listen but Meagan is my first priority and needs to be yours too, but you need to learn to deal with all these conflicting emotional issues. I would suggest one on one therapy for you Larry and then Couples counseling.”

A troubling thought came to me that when Meagan sent me the family picture and I noticed the look on Larry’s face as he looked fondly at Meagan. Then the look on Ann’s face as she noticed her husband’s staring at Meagan. I tried to put that thought out of my head as being very presumptuous of me from just an old photo. Now I am thinking, maybe the only thing holding Uncle Larry from being inappropriate with Meagan was his conscience and insecurities. Meagan does not stand a chance with weak and emotionally conflicted people like this around her. 

“ Coach, the other reason why I did not think Lucius would physically harm Meagan is that he has no lack of sex. He belongs to this high class, private Men Only Club and that place is known as a bisexual social club. He can get whatever he wants anytime he wants Coach, so why harm Meagan?”

“ Control and Power, Larry. That is what I believe Lucius lives for, not love. Sexual conquests are just one of his many ways to have power over people ! Meagan mentioned that as an attorney, he has never lost a case. While I expect that is an exaggeration, people like Lucius look for weaknesses in people or clients, and are known to use what they know to control them. I am looking into a few instances where we can prove he has done that so we can take action to shut this abuser down, but I need help from Meagan’s Support Group to do this, that means you and Ann, her counselors, and anyone else I can find that has been one of his victims. You have just given me more facts to check out as to Lucius’ game plan, so thank you.”

“ And so he has had control and power over me, Coach ?”

“ That remains to be seen, but I think he has in the past. Time to change all that ! “

So Larry,  no more revealing things to Lucius, right !!! And remember our rules or I will have to find another place for Meagan  to stay.”

“ I hope there is no harm done Coach. I am so sorry. I am as naive as Meagan.”

“ You can change that Larry. You have  a conscience and a soul, Lucius does not !”

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