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Loved to Death: Chapter 11 She Believes Me !

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The next day…

“ Coach, I have an appointment tomorrow with a Counselor named Mary. You said you wanted to talk with her. She is at the University Counseling Center. Please let me know what you think, but I am going only because you asked me to. I am not trusting anyone right now…except maybe you.”

“ I am surprised you trust even me Meagan, but thank you !”

I made three attempts to contact this Counselor, and finally I got a call back from Mary. 

“ This is Mary from the University Counseling Center.  I believe you requested to talk to me about a potential client of mine. Please understand I cannot talk to you about a client  without that clients written permission.”

I introduced myself and requested that she look up my Bio on my website.  I gave her a few minutes to do so.

“ Mary, I certainly understand the confidentiality issues, and Meagan is not my client, but I am Coaching her. She is desperately needing a female counselor that she can trust right now. It is a situation of vital significance. I  have an On-Line Support Group where I offer aftercare to my clients so they continue working on issues and practice what they learned in their therapy with me. Once in a while , someone who is not a client stumbles upon the web site.  I offer to Coach these individuals at no charge with the express purpose of supporting them finding a therapist in their area. Meagan is one I coach. 

Meagan is seeing you today I think. I will make this as short as I can, but you need to know that Meagan is very reluctant to see you because her first therapist, a psychologist, blew her off and said she was making the story up. I have strong suspicions that her  father had a hand in this.  I am investigating this situation and so far have indication that Meagan’s father may have been  black-mailing her.

However, if Meagan feels comfortable with you, she will give you details. 

If you wish to confer with me, send the necessary forms to my office at the enclosed address.  Thank you for seeing this client. ”

Mary responded cautiously , “ Of course I will see her and listen to her. I most likely will not make contact with you, as that is frowned upon by this agency. But rest assured, I will offer her professional service and care.”

Three days later I did receive the forms to sign for the exchange of information signed by Mary. So, I presume she thought Meagan was telling the truth and this was not some scam.

After her first appointment with Mary, Meagan contacted me. “ Coach, I met with Mary and I liked her. She listened and rescheduled me for another appointment. I was a cry-baby, but she even had tears in her eyes while I told her what had happened. She even did some meditation with me to relax me.”

“ Meagan, great to hear ! Let me know how your sessions progress, please. ”

“ I am trying to be hopeful Coach.”

After her next session with Mary, Meagan again followed up with me.

“ Coach, I think Mary believes me. I think she had tears in her eyes again when I was telling her some things that my  daddy, I mean Lucius, said about my being damaged goods. She sounds like you !  I did not think anyone but you would believe me ! ”

“ Meagan, I pray that she can be part of our Support Team.”

 I sent a note to Larry.

“ Larry, Meagan has had two sessions with her new counselor, and she feels she likes her and more importantly, that she believes her ! Hopefully this will lift Meagan’s spirits. Let me know what ups and downs you see emotionally with Meagan over the next couple of days.”

“ Coach, sure will !  I am hopeful for our dear Meagan.”

“ Larry, anything from Lucius ?”

“No Coach, not a word !”

“ That concerns me, but whatever. He has to be plotting and planning so be on your guard. Remember, the primary goal is to protect Meagan !”

I received a short note from Mary, which surprised me as I thought she was closed to the idea of communicating.

“ Meagan says she calls you Coach, so if you don’t mind, I will do the same. I just wanted you to know that Meagan and I are working through things. She is sharing  so much. The sessions are very emotional for her, and I have to say, me too.  It is hard to believe she was so naive.  But I wanted you to know I am pleased that you referred her to me. ”

My return note to Mary…

“ Mary, I go by Coach with Meagan so that is fine. Thank you for working with Meagan. She is very naive, has much to learn. Wonderful young lady.  I needed someone I could trust  to help me provide for her. You are a life-saver, more than you realize.”

I am excited that Meagan has felt so free to share with Mary and that Mary seems to be handling her so well. I feel some burden lifted having someone else watching over her. But I am still not feeling I can trust Larry and Ann that much. Not that they would purposely do anything to harm Meagan, but she remains so fragile, and I do not know these two family members well enough to sense their realization of the degree of Lucius’ evilness and skills of deception. I continue to feel that they underestimate how sick Lucius is, and what he is capable of doing to silence anyone who gets in his way.

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