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Loved to Death: Chapter 9 Finding a Safe Place

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“Hello Larry, this is Coach. I think Meagan called  you this morning. Do you have a moment to talk and I would like your wife on this call also? I know this is strange to get such a call  and you don’t know me but…”

“ Hello Coach. Not to worry ! This is Larry and my wife Ann is on the line too. Yes, Meagan called and told us about you and that she needed to come stay with us. She gave us your website to look up so we know who you are and we want to thank you for helping our dear Meagan. Please tell us what we need to do to help her. My wife Ann and I will do anything !”

“ Well, in a few words, we need for you to help protect Meagan from her father Lucius. She is an adult now, but not really. She cannot do this by herself. Her father, in my opinion, is a very controlling and sadly a sick man. Meagan was raped on her school campus last week, and instead of taking her to the ER or her physician’s office, he blamed her and he took her home to fend for herself. He abandoned her emotionally and blamed her for the rape. Then he attempted to rape her himself, because she was ‘damaged goods !”

“ Oh, wait a sec ! That is hard to imagine, I mean my brother has his issues and he can be an ass sometimes, but he loves her to death. Lucius can be a mean and controlling person, has been all his life. But to harm Meagan, no I cannot see that ! We all love Meagan, she is so precious and gentle. ”

“ Yes Larry, she is gentle and precious, and I would add naive and dependent. That makes her an easy victim, a target for the likes of Lucius.”

I did not specifically know what Meagan told her Aunt and Uncle when she called them, and obviously she had shared nothing. But I expected more of a reaction to what I just told them about the rape on campus, her father blowing it off and not getting her treatment, and now this attempted rape of Meagan by her father. Larry seemed to be defending Lucius. He  did not ask questions or request details. Makes me wonder what experiences they have had with Lucius’s behavior in the past. Maybe not the best choice for support. But, time is not on Meagan’s side and I need a home for  her right now. She cannot be alone, but I do not have a good feeling.  But then Aunt Ann began to speak:

“ Coach, this is  her Aunt Ann. I wish we had been closer, but I know this has to be devastating for her. Poor dear Meagan. She is so fragile. She certainly can stay with us. It is beyond me that any father would rape his own child, but Lucius, well he thinks differently about a lot of things. And he doesn’t seem to have a conscience. She is a sweet girl. We will do whatever you request. We do not have a lot of contact with Lucius since he can be very difficult to  deal with, so we don’t see Meagan often enough. He always knows best and does what he wants.”

Larry interrupted his wife, “ Enough said Ann, let the Coach tell us what we need to do.”

So this Aunt Ann has a more realistic picture of her brother-in-law, but Larry seems to almost worship his brother, or is it fear. This will be a problem !!!

Larry cutting off his wife really bothered me. He seemed to be trying to control her. I tell myself I do not have many options right now, unless she will come to Ohio. But she only knows me as Coach, so how can she trust anyone right now.

“That’s true Coach, as Ann said, we do not socialize with the family. Since Meagan’s mother has become somewhat of a recluse, we only see them at Holidays.”

I am very suspicious of the family dynamics going on and that they are not more  surprised, even disgusted and overwhelmed at the information I am sharing with them. Maybe they have expected this to happen and know they need to do damage control so it doesn’t happen again. Maybe they are protecting themselves because Lucius has something he knows about them that would be damaging and so they are concerned about becoming targets for Lucius. Maybe they are just desensitized to Lucius’ decadent behavior. Maybe, as much as they want to do the right thing, they are being ruled by their own fears of Lucius !

“Well, Larry and Ann, you along with me will be Meagan’s Support Team, and she will need it ! We will add to the Support Team as we go, as in adding a therapist and others as needed. But we have to set some rules and I want to know if you can deal with them.”

“ I am Lucius’s big brother, I can handle him. And we don’t need anyone else involved. This is a family crisis and the family will resolve it.”

I became so angry at this point that I could not hold back !

“ Excuse me Larry, but I am involved and I am not family, but I am not going away. Even though Meagan is not at the point that she will press charges, I will do everything I can to expose Lucius and protect Meagan. Lucius is a formidable force, and as Meagan’s Coach, I will ensure we create a Support Team even if it means creating some discomfort for the “family”. This issue with Meagan and her father has been going on for a long time. I have to say that it has been ignored and minimized, most likely out of fear of challenging Lucius.  This is not going to be easy for the two of you. Meagan needs your full support, our full support.  Are you on board or not ? Otherwise, I will look for other options. This is no longer just a family crisis !

“ Yes Coach !” Larry responded with noticeable disapproval, but also shame in his voice.  

They agreed to the rules that I set up with Meagan, but that does not mean they will enforce them !

“If he breaks the rules we must support Meagan in pressing charges against Lucius for rape, as her collective Support Team.

Are the two of you still on board ? ”

Ann responded, “ We are Coach. We can do this for Meagan.”

“ Well, I am experienced in dealing with controlling, manipulative and sociopathic personalities and their victims. I believe that Lucius has all the earmarks of a sociopath. Your comment about letting the family handle it is still bouncing around in me head. I need the two of  you to know what you are dealing with. I need  to know that you will be able to stand up to the evil that sits in Lucius’ heart and mind. We must be strong together and support each other and communicate when we feel any dirty tricks are being exposed. Lucius has the ability to turn things around on people with a conscience. He is most likely very skilled blaming, shaming and guilting his victims.”

The Larry responded, “We are still on board Coach. We  will call Meagan and make arrangements to move her in with us before her father comes home from work.” 

“ Ok, let’s do it Larry. Call or text me anytime to let me know how it is going.”

“Sure will Coach, and I will notify Lucius of what we have done and the rules once Meagan is safe at our place.”

I am thinking. these are good people, but they are no match for Lucius or they may already be his victims.

And I cannot help but thinking of the family picture that Meagan sent to me. I felt uncomfortable with the gut feeling I had as I saw what I interpreted as endearing looks that Larry was showing toward Meagan, and the intensity I saw in Lucius’ eyes as he looked at his older brother. There is a history here that I need to pry into. Need a Plan  B…find another willing family member to take her in or move her to Ohio, if she is willing, where we can create a safe and secure place for her. 

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