When Fear Rules !

Loved to Death: Chapter 7 First Threat from Lucius

by on Dec.16, 2020, under First Book : Loved to Death

I received the following written at 3 A.M. and sent by e-mail, read by me at 9 A.M.

“Dear Mr. Coach,

“ Stay out of my daughter’s life. I have raised her mostly by myself and I know what is best for her. She is very gullible, so I make an effort to make her stronger. She is vulnerable, so I am training her to be tough and set strict boundaries when people like you come around and attempt to meddle. 

I take very good care of her and I will not put up with any interference from the likes of you.  I understand you are a Psychologist, but you will be nothing if you do not heed this warning. I am capable of destroying your career, do not be foolish enough to doubt that !

There is to be no communications between the two of you, and I will know if you are crossing our path in any way.”

 L. B.”

I decided  not to respond to this threat, at least not now. I felt angry,  and yes fearful ! Damn, do I really want to get involved in yet another intensely complicated case ?  After forty years, do I really need this ?  Then I thought, this is just MY FEAR TALKING, and I will not  let fear rule my life. Then another thought hit with a jolt, I am getting to him, and he feels threatened. That will throw him off his game.

He is not a psychopath, because he is making mistakes and taking chances. Writing a threatening note to me under his personal e-mail address is not a smart move. Psychopaths are usually too cunning and focused to take chances like this. Sociopaths, and yes, I think he is one at this point, are very scary to deal with in real life, but they are vulnerable. And a  3 A.M. e-mail tells me I am keeping him up nights, maybe drinking, but I am getting to him. He knows I am watching ! But that is not enough for him to control his urges and fulfill his need for control over Meagan. All we have on our side is that he will make more mistakes and that will be his downfall.

I promised Meagan I would be there for her, and if there is any hope that she will fight this battle with me, certainly I will be there.  I am also fueled by anger  and inner rage that anyone would attempt to control another through lies and  manipulation, even more one’s own child. I need to cool down. It makes me sick to think this happens so often, and I know that from my clients. This experience with Meagan is part of my life now !

Things could get much worse and I need to talk with her about family members who would take her in as I do not think, no, I know she is not safe.

I would have to convince her to enter into face to face therapy where she lives, maybe at the University and have that therapist be part her Support Team, but first, a safe place.

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