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Self-Esteem, A Look in the Mirror !

by on Dec.26, 2010, under Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia and OCD, STOPPING ABUSE

One very basic fact of life that we often forget is that Self-Esteem is at the root of most anxiety symptoms. So here at RuledByFear.com, we talk a lot about Self-Esteem.

When you stand in front of your mirror, what do you think about yourself ? I am not just talking about your appearance, although that is a part of how we see ourselves. It is really more of what you are doing with your life that really makes a difference in self-esteem. If you are exploring more and more of what you do with your life and what you have yet to do to feel a sense of worth and value, purpose and meaning, and are challenging yourself to take consistent, even if small steps to create and accomplish steps to reach and conquer some of those goals and dreams, it will immensely increase self-esteem.

We are often so full of self-doubt, that we sabotage our efforts before we even try. That is why I stress that you need to look at goals for change, and then create small steps towards those goals. It is not the size of the steps, but the frequency with which to take them and repeat them that gives you the strength to approach the next step.

If when you look in the mirror, you can say, ” I am proud of myself for taking steps to change something I have often wanted to do, but have avoided, for fear of failure and rejection”, you will find it may motivate you to take another step.


Gene Benedetto


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