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Sexually Abusive Males Victimizing Minors !

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I have become somewhat obsessed with a very special young lady, previously a child who was homeless and  walking the streets of NYC. What this child of 13  experienced at the hands of mature adult men who took advantage of her vulnerability and search for food and shelter, is nothing less that criminal. I hope some day these “respectable” men with “respectful positions” in our society are faced with karma for their selfish, wicked , controlling and manipulative ways.

The positive outcome is that this young lady, due to her bravery and willingness to seek help and want to make something of her life took the chance to contact me  through my web site and subsequently go to a free clinic where she met one of the first men she could trust, the doctor who unselfishly  devotes a day a week to offering services to the kids of the street.

By the way, I do want to thank those of my Blog Readers who contacted me with offers to help this child. It is one thing to say that it is horrible to see these things happen in our society, but it is truly another to actually offer to help.

So, for this young lady, it was a huge risk she took, causing herself to be visible to the real outside world where she could have been thrown in Juvenile Detention as a runaway, which she really was not, since she left her home to protect herself from her abusive mother and a certain life worse than death as a prostitute. She is now in a foster home with a very good chance of being adopted by a very loving couple. I am so proud of this young lady…that i am lost for words. Well, maybe not totally lost as the whole idea that men, and yes, sometimes woman in our society, even parents, can abuse, molest and fail their own children just turns my stomach. When professional men in our society, with children of their own, can somehow justify sexually abusing other young  girls their own daughter’s age, can rationalize somehow that is is OK.

I DO believe in Karma, what goes around, comes around, but I also subscribe to the theory that God helps those who help themselves. I intend to help karma out a little in these cases when the time comes. How?….I am glad you asked !

I formed a group of eight professional people, two attorneys, two law enforcement personnel, two men of the cloth, and two psychiatrists  who act as my TEAM. When I hear of abuse, especially domestic abuse or abuse of a minor, I begin collecting data  and carefully  documenting the actions of the abuser. Most sexually and seriously emotionally abusive men are sociopaths, or are addicted to the abnormal controlling and manipulative ways. Following their behavior for a while, I am usually able to gather evidence of patterns for their sick behaviors.They cannot help themselves to not carrying out their immoral actions. They are addicted, you see. And because of their addictions, they will make mistakes. I just wait for that to happen !

In time, my team and I will make all the evidence and documentation available when the situations comes about  that the abuser makes a mistake as to whom he chooses as a victim. Eventually, he  does  make an error in judgement by thinking that each of his victims will be just too frightened to ever expose him. But in truth, one day he WILL be exposed by some brave soul, and my TEAM will be ready.

You may ask, why have a Team ? Again,i am so glad you asked !  Sociopathic, abusive, controlling and manipulative persons win because they frighten their victims with more abuse. The victim feels as if they stand alone against an un yielding and all-powerful force. One does not go up against this type of sociopathic personality one on one. So My Team  becomes the victims team. The TEAM is necessary, and the abuser is made aware that there IS such a team, because united we  win, divided we fall. In essence, I have been threatened by more than one abuser who has marked me as a target because i have come to the defense of one of his victims. However, by taking my time to collect evidence and documentation, by then sharing that data with my TEAM, and with the abuser being informed of what we are doing, we  will eventually grease the path of his karma. The abuser cannot win against a team of professionals that gather and prepare. It is always just a matter of time.

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