When Fear Rules !

Phobias Can Shut You Down !

by on Nov.13, 2011, under Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia and OCD

So he is terrified of bees, so much so that he could not leave his house during the Summer. When he comes to the office, I see him smiling through the reception window. Why would a child suffering with phobias be smiling ? Because I help him realize he is not crazy, not weak, but just suffering from anxiety.

He was only bitten once by a bee, and nothing tragic happened ! It just stung for a second. No allergic reaction, no reason for such an exaggerated reaction that would keep him imprisoned in his home. Ah, but there IS a reason if you know what to look for.

Earlier in his life he was made fun of for being ADD, you know, hyperactive and impulsive. Then, he recalled being harassed by other kids because he had an amusing middle name. He felt horrible about that, and anxious as some kids would slap him on the back as they passed by him on the playground. These are the kind of issues, that when experienced early in a child’s life, can make him feel weak and unaccepted, angry and confused about how safe the world is.

It is these kind of experiences  that make a person feel MORE vulnerable, be more prone to anxiety and experience damage to their self-esteem, and sense of feeling of being Out Of Control. www.RuledByFear.com
Gene Benedetto
Psychologist / Coach

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