Loved to Death: Acknowledgements

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The Author wishes to express gratitude to all who have contributed and supported  the endeavor to write this first of a series of books: Maria Beessing, Robert Nogosek and Patrick H. O’Leary for the inspiration from their book, “The Enneagram, A Journey of Self-Discovery”. 

A very special thank you to Meagan’s Actual Support Team, Mary her counselor, our detective Georgio, our Attorney Adam, and Meagan’s co-victims, Mr. Julius,  Dr. Olivia, and of course, Aunt Ann, who conjured up enough strength to take down a sociopath.

The Benhaven Group, LLC / Benhaven Publishing is proud to  offer Support for those individuals who are or have experienced verbal, physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse at the hands of controlling and manipualtive persons or groups of persons who are commonly Narcissistic, Sociopathic, or Psychopathic. A warning: there are more persons in our society that have the lack of conscience and moral compass than we would like to admit. 

I would offer my Blog, as an opportunity for free support


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