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As a Psychologist, now retired,  my goal with this Blog, Forum and Chat/Seminar Room is not to offer you therapy, but to teach, support and motivate…to be your Coach.

Many people are experiencing Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia or OCD but are not realizing or dealing effectively with the conflicts that may be causing those symptoms to take over their lives.

Some of you are dealing with Controlling and Manipulative people or physical, sexual or emotional Abuse that either you avoid seeing for what it is or fear setting boundaries and shutting down the Narcissistic, Sociopathic or even Psychopathic  individuals that are sapping the energy from your life.

Many of you need greater motivation to Overcome Challenges, whether physical or emotional, in order to continue to grow in Self Esteem.

Therefore, these are the areas I focus on in the Blog, but it is ever expanding.

As I said in my opening statement, I am NOT interested in being your therapist and do not wish to interfere with any counseling or psychiatric/medical services you are receiving. However, if you are receiving therapy, I will support and teach ways to accomplish the goals set by you and your therapist.

If you are not seeing a therapist, and want to, I will help you search for a qualified specialist.

My Goal is to teach you how to recognize any thoughts or feelings, conflicts or people  that are holding you back or interfering with you becoming  all your are capable of, and building your Self Esteem.

I want to tell  you what motivated me to do what I am doing here. I started this Blog, RuledByFear.com, while I was still in active private practice. It was so rewarding to work with my clients but since the internet opened up possibilities to work with non-clients using the Chat Program that was attached to my web site /blog, it opened  my eyes to coaching and motivating people through this medium.

During this time, I met two young ladies, one nineteen, the other had just turned ten, yes, ten. They  both were dealing with the most disgusting people our universe had to offer. These two changed the course of my life.

I spent hours teaching and motivating the nineteen year old to recognize that her naïveté and dependent personality was allowing her to become the victim of an abusive, narcissistic, sociopathic person who was controlling her life. We helped her develop a Support Team of professionals and other victims to muster the strength and power to put an end to the devil’s spawn.

This young lady, Meagan, had befriended another visitor to the blog and chat, RJ, a ten year old who was homeless in Flatbush (Brooklyn) because she was determined to escape her mother’s decision that her daughter would have to start paying her way when she reached the tender age of ten  by starting to “service men”. I know, disgusting!

With the help again, of professionals and other support people, we were able to create a new life for this child , but not before we experienced the another dark corner of her world.

I knew I had to write a book about each of our two heroines, and the persons of courage who were brave enough and took the risk to lend their energies and support. The thought of doing this filled me with renewed energy.

So I retired after forty-two years and I began writing and published my first book, “Loved to Death, Meagan’s Story”, which you can read in the Blog.

Book two, “ A Homeless Child in Flatbush ”, will be available soon on the Blog.

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Gene Benedetto, Psychologist/Emeritus

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