Do I have to live with panic attacks !

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I had a non-client, someone who had been in an on-line support group I ran years ago, recently tell me that another therapist she was talking to on line told her that she would just have to live with panic attacks.

I was terribly disappointed as we had been chatting through instant messenger and I gave her a few steps to try, which she did, and the results were very positive. She was taking steps outside her comfort zone and did quite well.

Some of us are more prone to anxiety and panic attacks simply because we want to avoid conflict and therefore repress what we feel. That repression or build up of inner frustration can easily lead to a feeling of not being in-control, avoidance, and low self esteem. The inner turmoil that can result from such a pattern can easily lead to more avoidance and a greater feeling of not being in control.

So I usually set up a game plan for my clients where we create a step by step plan to go more places they have been avoiding, express themselves where they have avoided, and in other words, stop avoiding but take on things in bites. Get it? Avoidance is at the heart of why most people have panic attacks.

Gene Benedetto, Psychologist Emeritus


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