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*Then there is my First Book, that although published as a Kindle e-book, is offered at no charge, chapter by chapter, in the Blog.

First Book “Loved to Death, Meagan’s Story”

(The true story of a naive and dependent nineteen year old and her painful struggle to realize that her life had been taken-over by  a Narcissistic/ Sociopath.)

Second Book, “A Homeless Child in Flatbush” which is a work in progress.

(The true story of a ten year old child in Flatbush (Brooklyn) who contacted me through our Chat Room after befriending the young lady, Meagan, who was the subject of my first book. RJ was homeless by choice, as she wanted to escape her mother’s plans for her to follow in her footsteps and “service men” to help pay bills when she reached ten. Scam, Sting or real ? It was a heart wrenching and long battle to build trust and find ways to help this child with a Support Team, who were willing to take risks to help me make this child’s wishes come true.)


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Gene Benedetto, Psychologist/Emeritus

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