Being a Senior Citizen is Challenging !

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The realization hit hard, as I woke up one day with the realization that I was indeed a member of the senior citizen class. It happened so fast, or I was just in denial for so long.

Even going through life-changing surgeries that brought about my unexpected retirement, I was so focused on physical therapies and my own personal regimen of exercise at our Community Center, that I never really indulged the fact that I was, at the time, seventy-two, and officially a senior.

Although I kept close contact with the large group private therapy practice that I had built from scratch forty years ago, I was no longer in charge. I truly felt the loss !

I automatically had filled my life with exercise, PT, writing and keeping contact with many of my past clients and managing my website, . However I realized it wasn’t enough. I needed more to use up the mental energy that was surging within me, but I now had limits to my physical energy. What a bummer. I spent two days a week at the Community Center and I saw both seniors who were striving to stay connected and vital, and yet knew there were others who were giving in to their fears, the lack of stimulation and physical symptoms. Many had given up, and I could see it in their eyes.

So naturally, this appeared as an opportunity for me to get involved. As I got to know staff and employees, and as they saw my past clients coming to the Center to reinforce what they had learned in therapy, some of the staff/employees approached me with some issue or another. I acted as a Coach and extended my efforts to support these individuals. It felt good. That energy being expended led to more energy being felt, so I am now in the process of setting up programs and support services for fellow seniors. Who knows where that energy will drive me, but even with handicaps, my mind is still very fertile and needs to nurture others, which in turn nurtures me. The seniors

I am planning on doing support groups and some individual coaching both at the Center and on line, so keep your eyes open for the news in case you know some seniors in need. There will be no fee for services.

Gene Benedetto, Psychologist Emeritus, Coach

Facebook : RuledbyFear


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