Senior Support Group at Brecksville Human Services Center

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The last few weeks we have been very busy working on developing a Support Group for Seniors at the Brecksville Human Services Center…because we felt a need for programs that further stimulate and support these valuable members of our community.

The present “Proposal” that is shaping up, but not final would be to offer :


Proposed Location: Brecksville Human Services Center

Gene Benedetto, Life Coach aka, The Benhaven Group

Seniors are very valued members of our Community, or certainly should be, but many of them suffer consequences that they never planned for including :


Physical health issues



   Fears and Phobias

   Lack of energy or motivation

   Lack of purpose and meaning to life

   Negative thoughts that can paralyze 

   Not feeling in control of their lives

This would not be therapy, formal counseling or medical advice, but  Individual Support  and/ or a Support Group  for individuals experiencing physical and/or emotional challenges as they face the oftentimes dramatic changes in their lives. 

Seniors will have free access to our Blog at with over 350 articles so far, that cover topics such as 

  1. Anxiety / Panic Attacks
  2. Obsessive Compulsive Issues
  3. Dealing with Controlling or Manipulative People
  4. Dealing with Abuse
  5. Overcoming Challenges
  6. Self Esteem Issues

If a Senior would have any questions he or she wants to ask in private, he or she can e-mail me at GeneBenedetto@

If a Senior would like to meet for a private chat at the Human Services Center, he or she could e-mail me with their request at

There are no charges for these services.

Gene Benedetto, Psychologist Emeritus, Life Coach


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