Power and Control

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I spent so much of my life and career as a Psychologist helping clients to overcome their fears, and to recognize the people around them who were emotionally harmful and help them take steps to break away from those very unhealthy persons. My focus was to help them find their self-worth from who they were, their special talents and what they did with those talents…..not be dependent on Narcissistic and Sociopathic persons who lack a conscience as they just wanted to control and manipulate.

However, in my opinion, we as Americans are faced with devastating, tragic and monumental levels of narcissism and sociopathy from many of our leaders and are in danger of losing the freedoms and opportunities that our Country worked so hard to provide.

Again, in my opinion, many of our leaders are out for themselves, and appear to have lost any moral compass, think they know better than us what we need and want and use fear to silence our voices. There are an increasing number, maybe even a majority of both both Parties who seem to be able to lie without hesitation. This appears to be controlling and manipulative behaviors run amuck.

America is not perfect, and never professed to be. We as a Country have made our mistakes and have, in most cases, learned from them.
However, the divide and conquer mentality that I see running rampant from some of our leaders, and much of it fanned by much of our media for their own selfish reasons, is destroying the heart and soul of the America I grew up in, that gave me the opportunity to flourish if I so chose to do so. I love and appreciate America with all her faults.

I realize I have no control over these sad circumstances and being in my late seventies, all I can do is express my thoughts and opinions, though time may be running out for that too !

Gene Benedetto, Psychologist Emeritus
When Fear Rules


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