The Dark Side of Our Minds

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Your mind needs something to feed on, and if you don’t fill that mind with positive activities, people and plans, the dark side of the mind will focus on every ache, pain and worry.

I had a past client text me to say that she feels there is something wrong with her because she is obsessed with health issues. She was always so strong and positive in her life, loved to do things with and for family and others, even strangers.

She lost her husband too early in life, but even that did not stop her positive, very involved life. She just adjusted !

However as time passed, as with many of us, she has experiencing aches and pains, some of which will need surgical intervention, and that reality has set off a flurry of obsessive thoughts and anxiety, mostly focused on the feeling of no longer being in control of her life.

Certainly, physical health issues can be upsetting and worrisome, but if you find yourself dwelling on them, you need to take action otherwise anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors will rule your life.

If you sense this happening in your life, please consider consulting with a therapist to guide you through this sensitive time in your life.

It would be nice if we could all age gracefully, but we can take steps to find a balance between the energy we put into healing our bodies and the energy we need to nurture healthy thoughts and interactions with others, which in turn helps us cope with the issues with our bodies.

I witness some seniors in our community who frequent our Human Resource Department and actively partake in the programs offered. However, I am aware of many other individuals who just give into their physical issues and thereby become more fragile as they are dwelling on what they cannot do anymore.

It is up to you !

Gene Benedetto, Psychologist Emeritus
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