Yes, I have to include a disclaimer because my role in the Blog and in my website is NOT that of a therapist, but a Coach. So please understand, what I offer here are my opinions and thoughts and are NOT a substitute for face to face therapy.

The articles and thoughts expressed here are not about any specific client, but are snippets gathered from many experiences from real situations, recreated in order to teach readers how to understand and deal more effectively with their anxiety symptoms. I fully respect the privacy and confidentiality of all my clients.

I encourage all my readers to seek counsel from licensed psychologists and counselors in their areas.

I do offer Private Coaching, which includes one on one sessions by phone.

I do not Coach one on one with those whose primary issue is severe depression.

I do focus my Private Coaching on those experiencing anxiety. panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder and agoraphobia as well as low self esteem.

Gene Benedetto, Coach


The Benhaven Group, LLC

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