Loved to Death: Chapter 5 The Dream

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“ Coach, I was thinking about the vitamins, or whatever it is that daddy gives me at night. I don’t like them. I never had a problem sleeping and I have the perfect diet according to daddy. And besides, if it is a vitamin, why would I take it at night ? Wouldn’t I take that in the morning ? And it makes me so dopy, if I get out of bed I can’t walk straight. I sometimes pee myself a little bit before I can get to the bathroom. So when daddy gave me my pill last night, I did not swallow it and hid it under my tongue and then under my pillow.  I still had the same weird dream. Coach, this is going to sound weird and crazy, but the dream was always the same. Someone was lying next to me and putting their hands all over me, just touching my body. No sex, just touching and rubbing lightly. You are going to think I am a bad person for saying this, but I always enjoyed the dream, it felt good. I hoped it would come again. I am glad I cannot see your face, I must sound like what daddy calls a slut. 

Please don’t think I am some bad person for enjoying this dream. I should not have shared it. I cannot believe I said any of this. I have never been with a guy on a date and certainly have not had sex. Say something ! Please say something !”

“ Meagan, this is normal. I do not think there is anything wrong with having this kind a dream or liking it. Normal, normal, normal. But is there more that you want to tell me ?”

“Ok Coach, this is the really weird part of the dream. This time, without the vitamin,  I woke up during the dream and my daddy was kneeling next to my bed. He seemed very surprised that I woke up and said that he heard me crying and came into my room to see if I was alright. I told him I was just having a bad dream and that I was going to try to fall asleep again. He asked if I wanted another pill. I said no. So he left. What do you think Coach? ”

What do I think !!! My God, is this child of nineteen that naive ?

“ I do not think you need to take any pills except when ordered  by your doctor. I do think if you took the pill you hid and looked it up on the internet  you might very well find out that it is not a vitamin but a sedative. I think you might  consider telling your father you are not taking them. Up to you, you are an adult now !”

“Coach, you think my daddy is purposely giving me something to make me sleep, not a vitamin ?”

“I would again suggest you not take anything, pills, food or drink, before bed. Meagan, if you have any doubts, follow your thoughts and what YOU know is right !”

I think “daddy” is molesting Meagan. This will freak her out ! I think she knows, but is far from being prepared to face that reality. Who would be ?  I think she is too fragile to deal with this. Just have to convince her to go to therapy with  a female therapist. I have researched therapists offered by her University and her father would not know about it. I think something is about to explode…and that would be me !

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  1. Diane Schroeder

    My Gosh! Exposure is REAL!


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