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LOVED TO DEATH, Meagan’s Story

It Takes Awareness, Personal Strength and a Courageous Support Team to Take on a Narcissist, Sociopath or Psychopath 


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I am inviting my friends from Facebook, Parler,  Twitter, MeWe and Rumble the opportunity  to read my new book, ” Loved to Death, Meagan’s Story”.

Those who know me well are aware that I am a Psychologist, recently retired, who specialized in helping my clients deal with controlling, manipulative people in their lives.  The villains were often Narcissistic Sociopathic even Psychopathic individuals who lacked conscience. They sadly, to one degree or another,  make up at least two out of ten people in our society from my experience. The victims were usually caregiving, adapting, peacekeeping or perfectionistic personalities who did not wish to admit to themselves that there was such evil in the world.

However, some of the most challenging cases were those that I “Coached ” on-line, with the express purpose of finding them effective therapy and guidance in their community, wherever that was,  through my on-line Chat Room and Web Site, 

“Loved to Death: Meagan’s Story”  is based on the true story of one the most challenging and difficult  cases I came across, and for which I was involved with for over a year and a half of my career.  She pleaded with me to tell her story so that others would learn.

This is the story of Meagan’s struggle, being naive and wanting to avoid the reality that the person she loved the most in life , was in fact abusive, manipulating and controlling.  You will see her struggle to see the truth,  and the fear of facing and dealing with that truth. However, there was  triumph and redemption as a Support Group of  other victims of the same perpetrator brought her  abuser to justice.

This book has been recently published as a E-Book on Kindle, however since teaching is more rewarding  for me than profits, I am offering this work for you to read  in my Blog at  Just look for the link at the top of the Blog: Loved To Death.

Let me hear your comments on my blog where you can leave a response or send comments to my  e-mail at

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