Will the Panic Attacks Ever Stop ? Part One…

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It will take a lot of effort on your part, but yes, you can become free of Panic Attacks.

First, you have to do some self-exploration and become aware of how your personality may be more prone to PAs. I know this is an uncomfortable thought, but we have to realize that there are patterns to the way we think and feel, and how we navigate through this sometimes challenging world that creates conflicts…that can be seeds from which anxiety and panic attacks sprout.

Being able to understand what family issues and agendas may influence the creation of emotional conflicts is especially important. Your personality did not develop in a vacuum, but as a result of how you saw the world and learned to deal with the world amongst your siblings and parents, friends, etc.

To that point, in my experience, there is more of a prevalence for anxiety among the more caring, adapting, sensitive, approval-seeking personalities, without whom our society would be left with an emotionless, almost robotic environment.

What physical or medical conditions may cause one’s thinking to go into the tank ? Well, I have worked with many a Primary Care Physician or Psychiatrist who are quick to say say that it is all about genetics or possible health issues such as thyroid or hypoglycemic issues. In my experience, while there are physical conditions that can exacerbate anxious thinking, the majority of my clients still have anxious thoughts and avoidant behavior, which can bring on Panic Attacks. So, often we will see that the physical issues are being treated but the anxiety continues.

So, I primarily focus on the CONFlICTS that an individual is experiencing. Recognizing and NOT Avoiding conflicts is so often the crux of the issue for anxiety and panic. Knowing your conflicting issues is a first step, but developing a plan to deal with and actually taking steps to take control are huge factors. It is challenging work, but you will grow from it immensely. You will need a support person or two to keep you on track, besides a therapist, but if you more and more consistently face the issues and make needed changes, you can grow to the point that you have control over the anxiety or panic.

If there is interest shown, I will create a seminar in our Chat Room at RuledByFear.com on this issue for those dealing with anxiety or panic.

Gene Benedetto, Psychologist/Emeritus/Coach


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