Why We Avoid Uncomfortable People or Conflicts !

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As a Coach in my website at RuledByFear.com, I want to help you explore conflicts and issues to feel more in control of your life. For this reason, I wrote and offered for you to read my book in the Blog, ” Loved to Death, Meagan’s Story”.

I have had a number of clients tell me that it was so intense that they could not read it past a certain chapter. I understand that, but since my purpose is to teach and coach, we sometimes have to probe and expose sensitive issues, in order to teach how to deal with controlling and manipulative people in our lives, especially Narcissistic and Sociopathic individuals who seem to be multiplying but the day especially positions of power. These are people of little conscience or moral compass.They have no boundaries and no respect for yours. The Manipulator could be a spouse, mother-in-law, boss or co-worker, a minister or the guy next door. I saw clients who were victims of the kind of control and manipulation every day, and knew it but could not garner the courage to face this reality, and alone, would be devastated. I have had controlling and manipulating people in regards to my clients try to manipulate ME, with threats and even bribes when they realize we will not be their victims.

Meagan, the primary subject of this story was weakened by a sociopath’s efforts over years to manipulate and control her. She had worshiped her abuser, not realizing it was abuse, until she could no longer ignore it, but then struggled to gain control. This story is not just about Meagan, but the people around her and who knew her and their weakness in facing the truth as to the abuse she was experiencing. I worked with Meagan, but also with family and others who were victims and avoiders of Meagan’s abuser, because you cannot go up against a Sociopath alone.They eventually whittle their victims down, UNLESS there is a SUPPORT SYSTEM of individuals around to go after the abuser, gather evidence and expose him or her.

You are here to learn, even though it is sometimes hard to face some realities that are uncomfortable.

Gene Benedetto, Psychologist/Emeritus/Coach


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