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It is a sad commentary that we are seeing another crisis against humanity go unchecked… be potentially FORGOTTEN???

Putin’s war against Ukraine is criminal, another example where one man’s inhumanity toward the entire population of a neighboring country, simply due to a lust for power, is allowed to happen before our eyes. Ukraine is no real threat to Putin, but just another example of his voracious need for CONTROL. THIS IS A SICKNESS !

THOSE WHO IGNORE THIS are either a] ambivalent and selfish, or b] CONCERNED BUT RULED BY FEAR of expressing thoughts and opinions, or c] Complicit in the desire and need for control and power, ie., Narcissists, Sociopaths or Psychopaths.

Just another BULLY in the world, and most of us have experienced bullies in our life whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not.

Many say they are fearful that if we challenge Putin, it will lead to Nuclear War. I believe if we stand up to Putin, and stop him by any means necessary, the Russian people will be relieved and the Russian Military will anbandon him while the ugliness of what is happening is fresh in our minds.This will take some help by insiders, must be carefully plotted and planned, but otherwise, we have fed his voracious need for power at a time when he sees the world as weak.

Putin is a Terrorist…which certainly brings up memories of 9-11. Some sacrifices must be made to take down terrorists as soon as they show their true colors or we will pay for our avoidance.

I will be watching tonight for Mr. Biden’s Address to the Country and his steps to gather other freedom loving Countries and their peoples to amass the courage and strength to stop the bullies of the universe, but I am not expecting much since so many of our politicians are possibly complicit and also have a voracious appetite for power and control.
Gene Benedetto, Psychologist/Emeritus


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