Waking Up with Purpose or Anxious Thoughts ?

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So many of my past clients and Members of RuledByFear.com have brought up the issues where they experience anxious or negative, self-sabotaging thoughts when they wake up during the night, or upon waking in the morning. To be sure, the Subconscious mind is very active during the night and when you first begin the walking-up process before the conscious, more rational mind takes control.

Now if you are among fifty-percent of the personality types that are engineers, architects, mechanics, chemists, surgeons or otherwise more concrete oriented people, you most likely awaken to thoughts about projects you are working on, and less personal-emotional issues. You would be most likely only thinking of taking another look at your drawings or plans for the day’s projects or surgeries. But then again, you most like would not be reading this Blog.

However, if you are a more sensitive and emotionally based personality, the other fifty-percent of us, you are prone to having thoughts pop-up out of the subconscious about possibly missing something you needed to do, whether you forgot something, did it well enough…in other words, seeking approval. The Caregivers, or Adapting, Perfectionistic personalities, or those that wish to avoid conflict in my opinion, are as critical to a society as the project oriented ones, but again, are more vulnerable to a self-critical subconscious.

So, the need to have projects or plans for where you are going to put your energies the next morning must be considered the night before, even making a to-do-list before bed. As soon as you wake, no matter what time, think of your list.

We need to realize that our mental energy must be harnessed and directed towards positive activities and interactions with other people….because, for us, that is what we do to feel worth and value as a person.

If we do not take action like this, then the energy of your thoughts can cascade down the mountain and that same energy can lead to more erosion of fertile soil of positive thoughts and interactions.

Just think about it !!!

Gene Benedetto, Psychologist/Emeritus/Coach


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