Living With Anxiety, Panic Attacks or OCD…You do not have to !

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I have mentioned in previous Blog Articles at, that you can take control of anxiety, panic attacks and OCD if you are willing to discover and deal with the true source.

I am working with a client presently who had made tremendous gains in controlling his anxiety symptoms and has just returned from a cross-country trip that provided him with some very significant challenges…..which he overcame. His anxiety was minimal and fleeting, but the insights he gained into the true sources of his anxiety were HUGE.

His greatest insight, his ”epiphany”, was that even though he has faced many personal and career challenges throughout his life, he has been very successful in whatever business venture he has taken on. He felt in-control. Even on this trip, he opted to challenge himself to drive up a steep rock covered canyon in his jeep with the supervision of a guide. Normal anxiety, but no panic.

However, there was a personal issue, a past and ongoing conflict that was nagging at him and that resulted in anxiety and panic attacks. He knew from our past discussions that if you do allow yourself to dwell on a situation or person that you know you cannot help or do not have control of, it would cause HIM to feel emotional conflict, and symptoms of anxiety would arise.

There are people who can cut themselves off from uncomfortable people or situations and accept having no control, but then again, there are many of us for whom that is very difficult. If a family member, spouse or close friend is in emotional turmoil or even a self-imposed crisis, a caregiver personality will feel a major responsibility to try to fix the situation. What if all one’s efforts are refused or rejected ? Then boundarIes need to be set and accepted. So, he has been setting boundaries with those potentially self-destructive people in his life, and focusing on what he has control of, and has reduced his anxiety episodes or can now talk his way through them more effectively.

Just think about it !!!

Gene Benedetto, Psychologist/Emeritus, Life Coach


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