They Were Never Proud of Me !

by | Jan 28, 2023 | Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD, Overcoming Challenges, Self Esteem | 1 comment

He was a very intelligent young man who had completed his Ph.D. His goal was to teach at the University level, and he was doing just that. He enjoyed it immensely, as well he should. However the tide was changing at this University, as with many others. Higher education was placing a priority on certain courses more than others, as in teaching students “what to think” as opposed to “how to think”. Although it smacked of indoctrination and socialism when I realized it, as opposed a well-grounded education, it was happening. However, no one wanted to say anything for fear of endangering their existing positions.

Semester after semester, they would place a lower premium and offer fewer courses in English and History, the later being his forte. Without a more robust schedule of classes to teach, how would he ever gain the status and security of being tenured. And he was not, for which he was so frustrated and humiliated.

“ Why not use your knowledge, high intellect and skills as a teacher in some other venue ? “ , I asked, already knowing the answer. “

“ But this is what I worked so hard for, and my family sees me as diminished because I am not a full-time, tenured Professor at a major University ! “

Of course my response was, “ You have accomplished a great deal, but you cannot control the wave of woke colleges or universities, nor your family’s short-sightedness, or self-serving hidden agendas.

Your self-esteem should be based on what challenges you have met, and how to utilize your skills and knowledge to move yourself forward from here. Self-esteem is not based on what other people think, but what you think, feel and do with your life. Unfortunately, too often we allow others to define our worth and value.”

Gene Benedetto, Psychologist Emeritus

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