When a Narcissist tries to find a way to get back into your life…cut him out, period.

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It is not likely that the Narcissist has or ever will change. It is not likely that he (or she) has had an epiphany, a reawakening and realization that he was wrong in his attempts to control, blame shame or guilt her. It is most likely that he has tired of his latest victim, or she wised up to his games and kicked him out or left herself.

Now that we have Facebook and other social media at hand, the Narcissist will attempt to keep up with his past victims lives and relationships. Of course, he is pleased if he sees that a past victim is not in a new relationship, as he needs to know that he still can take control whenever he wants, IF he wants to.

If on the other hand he sees that the ex has moved on, and God forbid, is flourishing in a new relationship, his fragile and needy ego may be triggered so he will be vulnerable to some irrational thoughts and actions.

I witnessed one such incident recently where a Narcissistic ex-husband left comments on the Facebook page of previously common friends spreading lies about his ex regarding dating that bordered on libelous and defamatory. However, to her credit, she did not respond because anyone important to her knew the truth. Smart move !

I would recommend that in any such cases, she make copies of any such transmissions for her attorney to show a pattern of sabotaging behavior if needed in the future.

Gene Benedetto, Psychologist Emeritus
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