Are We Self-Destructing ?

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Let me say first, that politically, I am an Independent. I try to sift through the games, lies and empty promises by either party, and make every effort to see who has a record or history of  just possibly doing what is good for the people and not just what enables them to secure rather plump salaries and benefits.

As a psychologist, I have  always been concerned at the obvious trend I have seen month by month, year by year, where more and more people are able to justify and rationalize living off the system.

There are those who have worked all their lives and expect to be the recipients of Social Security and Medicare. I certainly understand that expectation, as they feel they have earned it. There are no guarantees, however they have  invested in these programs and pray they are there when they need it.

Then there are those who suffer from “legitimate” physical or mental health issues that prevent them from being able to work. I have no arguments there. As a civilized people, we should be there for those who are truly in need.

However, there are growing numbers of adults, and yes children who are seeking and successfully securing Social Security Disability monies, free lunches and other Medicaid benefits who have no reason to not be working, but in fact do justify in their own minds that they are entitled. The sense of entitlement that these individuals have is deeply entrenched and very resistant to change. They are scamming the system. Entitlement is a growing problem that without change, will bury us.

Please understand, I have solidly backed clients who truly need and deserve Disability or other services. It has taken up to two years for some of these very deserving individuals to get services because the system is so broken down as it chokes on the volume of those who would scam the system.  I had one client with chronic heart issues wait almost two years and go through multiple appeals, only to die a few months after being finally approved.

We have a motto in our practice that appears on every peace of our stationary that reads, ” Helping People Help Themselves ! ”  The KEY is that they are aware of and willing to take steps to change. Catering to those who have entitlement  issues only creates more DEPENDENCY ! That dependency weakens them, damages their self-esteem and if and when you try to remove entitlements, they will become angry and defensive. We are definitely headed down that path.

There is a trend that shows a gradual but undeniable deterioration of the work ethic in our society. Well, there are probably a host of reasons for that, but one that strikes a chord with me is that each generation breeds more and more individuals who are not taught a work ethic by their parents. More and more children are spoiled. I have heard from teachers that by eighth grade, some children with learning issues tell their teachers they are not worried because their parents are telling them they can get on the Disability rolls.

Secondly, there are more  entitlement options and programs offered with no requirement that individuals work for what they receive or those requirements are not enforced. It has been shown rather clearly that there is no way that the Government can adequately manage these programs. Big Government has created a monster and that monster is eating us alive.

Again, allowing people to scam the system ends up causing a deterioration of self esteem in those people. Too many become addicted to self-destructive thoughts because they are not feeling any sense of worth and value. Obviously, there are some who do not care, but I do not believe they are the majority.

I am not blaming Democrats or Republicans specifically as this is what has been happening gradually to our society for many years. Politicians are too often focused on their own need for power and control. There are signs that some politicians are narcissistic and even sociopathic types who have agendas that we do not want to believe exist. I will vote for the man or woman who has the strength of character to do what needs to be done to turn things around. I pray { oops, can I say that ?} that by November, there might be a glimmer of hope for real change, with a leader who demonstrates that he has the courage to truly lead us out of the ashes of our self-destructive behavior.

Gene Benedetto, Psychologist

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