Self Destruction, And We Allow It !

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD, Stopping Abuse | 0 comments

As a therapist concerned as to what I see as a deterioration in self-esteem, moral strength and determination of many people I strive to help, I see a pattern that is so destructive in the fraying of the fabric in what once made America great.

It appears as if the Republicans are rolling over to the Democrats, which implies that they really are not seriously different in their agenda. These career politicians are playing games with our futures and that of our children. Politicians, and certainly our President, have learned to lie to our faces repeatedly, using blame, shame and guilt to silence any detractors. AND WE ALLOW IT !!!

Our Government has deteriorated to become like two divorced parents, in competition with each other, stumbling over their own feet trying to pleasure their already spoiled children. The children are the real victims, as more and more of them develop a sense of entitlement, sorely lacking a sense of personal worth and value or any moral compass, causing them to be even more needy and vulnerable to those who would control and manipulate them for their own selfish reasons. Without rules and consequences, a society will crumble under the weight of the dependency it creates.

This is the dawn of a serious and sad chapter in America. We as a country have lost our way because our leaders could not lead, at least not with the true health and well-being of our society in mind. It is a time when selfishness rules and even our leaders choose to incite conflict within its people in order to gain more power and control for themselves.

Our goal should be to help people help themselves, not create dependency !

Gene Benedetto, Psychologist


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